Trends come and go, EXCEPTIONALISM is FOREVER

Life is a grand experience, full of wonder, charm, and endless possibilities. Why settle for function? Why be contented with average? Envelope yourself in an environment that symbolizes your hopes and ambitions. Aim higher and aspire for more.

Isn’t it time you elevate the way you live?


It takes a bold vision to bring utter sophistication to life.

Anchored to the splendid Al Marjan Island, Oceano boasts a coveted position on the apex plot of Island 4, complete with its very own private beach access. This project is no mere residential development, but rather a towering symbol to a bold vision.

A work of unparalleled craftsmanship, with cadence glass facades and ultra-thin frames, where each floor plate finished with rounded curves to frame breathtaking panoramic vistas. Terraces that cantilever out of the front façade, ushering the outdoors inward. Oceano is where utmost sophistication and undeniable luxury meet to create a bespoke lifestyle.


Where unparalleled vistas meet breathtaking finishes.

The very essence of Oceano was the result of a crystal clear aim: To ignore the conventional and push boundary defying designs, Oceano aims to elevate every aspect of a resident’s life, imbuing it with a sense of rare and true exclusivity)

The genesis of this vision lay in the desire to create something truly captivating - a design that could stand alone. A one of one.

Engineered to fit the every need, but quite unlike anything else.

A Glittering

Welcome to the Al Marjan Island.

Imagine waking up to the sound of waves quietly breaking on the shore, the sun dappling through drapes as you peer out over the crisp skies of the Gulf. On Al Marjan Island, this is just another day. With its remarkable beaches, crystal-clear waters, and endless yearning for relaxation and adventure, this island paradise is a one-of-a-kind in the Middle East.

The captivating destination boasts an enviable location, situated adjacent the soon-to-be launched Wynn Resorts and Casino- a first-and-only-like-it entertainment complex in the Middle East.

But Al Marjan Island is more than just a neighbourhood. It is a haven in its own right, promising an idyllic island getaway, bar none. The island boasts world-class infrastructure, from its striking waterfront promenade to its luxurious hotels and resorts that offer a uniquely indulgent stay.


Live the life by choice.

The configurations of Oceano play a key role in defining the measure of sophistication and considered living each resident can expect. Schemes of 1, 2, 3, and 4 bedroom penthouse, and sky villas and offer ample space and flexibility.

Clean lines and an emphasis to detail are the theme and spirit of interior design. The fusion of luxurious furniture and feature walls with rich textured contrasting finishes makes OCEANO a truly magnificent and comfortable home to be in.

The RESIDENCES at Oceano

These residences are designed for those who value true simplicity. The 1, 2, 3, and 4 bedroom spaces are all crafted with consideration.


The pinnacle of living.

Duplex Penthouse residences exude and elevate exceptionalism. These duplex residences are the epitome of discretion, with two volumes of living area and vistas of the Arabian Ocean. With private terraces, gourmet kitchens, and grand master suites, penthouse duplex residences are for those who only desire more.


Come home to the befitting.

Sky Villas are the pinnacle for those who demand only the rarest and most exclusive.


Every need met in distinction.

Oceano was created for a reason — for those who seek a place to gather their thoughts and revel in the refined. Here, amenities are a way of life, from the first glimpse until the very last fading moments of the day.

Wellness Sanctuary

Seek revitalisation within. Your very own resident spa. A sensorial space with soaring ceilings and calm accents. Let the world and its concerns simply wash away.

Infinity Pool

Indulge in an extraordinary experience unlike any other, with our stunning infinity pool nestled between two architectural marvels.


Luxury in vitality. An energised space for you to reveal potential, surrounded by cutting-edge, smart equipment within its own purpose- built studio.

Secluded Shore

Isolation is priceless. Step away from it all, especially prying eyes, and enjoy the luxury of space. Over 3,000 square meters of private foreshore

Other Amenities

1. Penguin’s Town
2. Readers Vault
3. Cuban Cove
4. Retail Shopping

Shop the world without ever having to leave yours. Give in to everyday superiority. Feel it all, in the palm of your hand. And totally unravel knowing you never have to leave.

At Oceano, no detail has been overlooked. No element hasn’t been realised to its fullest degree.

Every square inch exists to occupy a unique space of refinement. All that’s remaining is for you to take your place within it.


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